Race Date Club Type  
Spring Opener - Buoy Sat, May 26 CCYC Buoy (trapezoid) RESULTS >
Spring Opener - Distance Sat, May 26 CCYC Distance RESULTS >
Olympic Cup Sun, May 27 CCYC Buoy (windward/leeward) RESULTS >
Colors June 2—3 ColYC Buoy (windward/leeward), Distance RESULTS >
NOOD June 8—10 CYC Buoy (windward/leeward) RESULTS >
Chicago—Waukegan Sat, June 16 CCYC/WYC Distance RESULTS >
Waukegan—Chicago Sun, June 17 CCYC/WYC Distance RESULTS >
BPYC Northerly Island Casual Race Sat, June 23 BPYC Casual RESULTS >
Zukasky Memorial Sun, June 24 BPYC Buoy (trapezoid/triangle) RESULTS >
Chicago—Mich City—Chicago Fri, June 29 ColYC

Distance (night race)

Gold Star Regatta Sat, July 7 JPYC Distance (charitable fundraiser) RESULTS >
Webb Memorial Race Sun, July 8 JPYC Buoy (windward/leeward) RESULTS >
Columbia Rail Deck Race Sun, July 15 ColYC Casual RESULTS >
Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac - Cruising Fri, July 20 CYC Distance RESULTS >
Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac July 21—22 CYC Distance RESULTS >
Chicago Junior Race Week Aug 4—6 CASRA Clubs Junior Races RESULTS >
Columbia Cup Sat, Aug 4 ColYC Buoy (windward/leeward), Distance RESULTS >
Columbia Cup Sun, Aug 5 ColYC Buoy (windward/leeward) RESULTS >
Verve Cup Offshore (Buoy) Aug 9—12 CYC Buoy (windward/leeward) RESULTS >
Verve Cup Offshore (Distance) Sat, Aug 11 CYC Distance


Verve Cup Offshore (Casual) Sat, Aug 11 CYC Casual RESULTS >
Commodore's Cup Youth Night Race Fri, Aug 17 CYC Casual (night navigation) RESULTS >
Catalina 30 NAs Aug 17—19 ColYC Buoy RESULTS >
Hobelman Regatta - Buoy Sun, Aug 19 CCYC Buoy (windward/leeward) RESULTS >
Hobelman Regatta - Distance Sun, Aug 19 CCYC Distance RESULTS >
Hobelman Regatta - Casual* Sun, Aug 19 CCYC Casual  
Leukemia Cup Sat, Aug 25 ColYC Casual (charitable fundraiser) RESULTS >
Tri State: Chicago—St Joe Fri, Aug 31 ColYC Distance (night race) RESULTS >
Bi State: St Joe—Chicago Sun, Sept 2 JPYC Distance RESULTS >
Tri State: St Joe—Michigan City Sun, Sept 2 JPYC/MCYC Distance RESULTS >
Tri State: Michigan City—Chicago Mon, Sept 3 JPYC Distance RESULTS >
Chicago Regatta - Buoy Sat, Sept 8 CYC Buoy (windward/leeward) CANCELLED
Chicago Regatta - Distance Sat, Sept 8 CYC Distance CANCELLED
Chicago Regatta - Casual* Sat, Sept 8 CYC Casual (charitable fundraiser) RESULTS >
Chicago Regatta - Poker Run Sat, Sept 8 CYC Power Boat Poker Run CANCELLED
Commodore Stein Regatta Sun, Sept 9 ColYC Buoy (windward/leeward) CANCELLED
Herb Kaczmarek Sat, Sept 15 CCYC Distance RESULTS >
GLIOR Sept 15—16 CCYC Buoy (windward/leeward)  
Lutz Regatta* Sun, Sept 16 JPYC Casual RESULTS >
Sheldon Clark - Buoy Sat, Sept 22 CYC Buoy (windward/leeward) RESULTS >
Sheldon Clark - Distance Sat, Sept 22 CYC Distance RESULTS >
3 Crib Fiasco Sun, Sept 23 ColYC Casual RESULTS >
Fall Closer Sept 29—30 JPYC Distance CANCELLED


Race Date Club Type  
Spring Opener Buoy Sat, May 27 CCYC Buoy (trapezoid) Results >
Spring Opener Distance Sat, May 27 CCYC Distance Results >
Olympic Cup Sun, May 28 CCYC Buoy (windward/leeward) Results >
Colors Buoy Sat-Sun, Jun 3-4 ColYC Buoy (windward/leeward) Results >
Colors Distance Sat, Jun 3 ColYC Distance Results >
NOOD Buoy Fri-Sun, Jun 9-11 CYC Buoy (windward/leeward) Results >
NOOD Distance Sat, Jun 10 CYC Distance Results >
Chicago—Waukegan Sat, Jun 17 CCYC/WYC Distance Results >
Waukegan—Chicago Sun, Jun 18 CCYC/WYC Distance Results >
Zukasky Memorial Sat, Jun 24 BPYC Buoy (windward/leeward) Results >
Abe Jacobs Casual Race Sun, Jun 25 BPYC Casual Results >
Chicago—Michigan City—Chicago Fri, Jun 30 ColYC Distance (night race) Results >
Catalina 30 NAs Fri-Sun, July 7-9  ColYC Buoy (windward/leeward) Catalina 30s only Results >
Lutz Regatta Sat, Jul 8 JPYC Buoy (windward/leeward)/Distance Results >
Columbia Yacht Club Casual Regatta Sun, Jul 9 ColYC Casual Results >
Chicago Mac Cruising Fri, Jul 14 CYC Distance Results >
Chicago Mac Sat, Jul 15 CYC Distance Results >
3 Crib Fiasco Sun, Jul 30 ColYC Casual Results >
T-10 NAs Thu-Sun, Aug 3-6 CCYC Buoy (windward/leeward) T10s only Results >
Columbia Cup (125th anniversary) Buoy Sat, Aug 5 ColYC Buoy (windward/leeward) Results >
Columbia Cup (125th anniversary) Distance Sun, Aug 6 ColYC Distance Results >
Verve Cup Offshore Buoy Fri-Sun, Aug 11-13 CYC Buoy (windward/leeward) Results >
Verve Cup Offshore Distance Sat, Aug 12 CYC Distance Results >
Verve Cup Casual Sat, Aug 12 CYC Casual Results >
Commodore's Cup Youth Night Race Fri, Aug 18 CYC Casual (night navigation) Results >
Air Show Regatta Sun, Aug 20 BPYC/JPYC Casual Results >
Gold Star Regatta Sun, Aug 20 JPYC Buoy (windward/leeward) Results >
Leukemia Cup Sat, Aug 26 ColYC Buoy (charitable fundraiser) Results >
Hobelman Regatta Sun, Aug 27 CCYC Buoy (windward/leeward) & Distance Results >
Hobelman Casual Sun, Aug 27 CCYC Casual Results >
Chicago—St Joe (Tri-State/Bi-State: Leg One) Fri, Sep 1 ColYC Distance Results >
St Joe—Chicago (Bi-State: Leg Two) Sun, Sep 3 JPYC Distance Results >
St Joe—Michigan City (Tri-State: Leg Two) Sun, Sep 3 JPYC Distance Results >
Michigan City—Chicago (Tri-State: Leg Three) Mon, Sep 4 JPYC Distance Results >
Chicago Regatta Distance Sat, Sep 9 CYC Distance Results >
Chicago Regatta Casual Sat, Sep 9 CYC Casual Results >
Commodore Stein Regatta Sun, Sep 10 ColYC Buoy (windward/leeward) Results >
Sheldon Clark Buoy Sat, Sep 16 CYC Buoy (windward/leeward) Results >
Sheldon Clark Distance Sat, Sep 16 CYC Distance Results >
Herb Kaczmarek Fall Closer Buoy Sat, Sep 30 CCYC Buoy (windward/leeward) Results >
Herb Kaczmarek Fall Closer Distance Sat, Sep 30 CCYC Distance Results >
Fall Closer Sun, Oct 1 JPYC Distance Results >