2017 Race Regisration Now Open!

We are pleased to announce that registration for the 2017 CASRA season is live.  Please click here to sign up for CASRA events.  Registration will use a slightly different process this year.  Specifically:

  1. CASRA is using “Yacht Scoring” as our registration platform this year.  Many of you have used Yacht Scoring for other Chicago-area events, including the NOOD, Verve Cup, and Colors.  The Race to Mackinac also uses a system that runs on the Yacht Scoring platform.  If you have ever registered for a race on Yacht Scoring before, you can use your same login credentials to register for CASRA events. If you have never used it before, a simple one-time registration is required which will then carry your data forward to every event for which you register.
  2. In the past, entry to these races has required membership in other organizations, as well as the payment of administrative fees.  These requirements have been eliminated for most races.  All distance and buoy events are $50, with no additional fees required by CASRA.
  3. Entry deadlines for all races is 72 hours prior to the race’s start.
  4. This year, most CASRA events will use LMPHRF “time on time” scoring.  This is a change from prior years, which utilized “time on distance” scoring.  For registration purposes, you can simply enter your current LMPHRF rating.  The rating will be converted to a time on time factor for scoring purposes.
  5. Because races are run by different clubs within CASRA, you will need to enter races individually.  Once you enter a race, you will click the “return to event” link to bring you back to the CASRA landing page.  From there, you will click on the next event you want to enter.  While registration must be done on a race by race basis, the process is fairly quick – and can take less than a minute per race.  Yacht Scoring will remember your boat and contact information, and populate your entry fields for you.
  6. This year, CASRA clubs are offering a series of Casual Races, which are designed to be fun, easy, and friendly for new and experienced racers alike.  Click here to review the Notice of Race for the Casual Series.  Thanks to generous support from Westrec Marinas, this races are FREE (no, this is not a misprint) to all boats with moorings in the Westrec system.  Boats will be assigned a “CASRA rating” for the purpose of these races – you will not need to purchase a rating certificate to participate in these races.  Click here to enter your boat in the Casual Series (one entry will be good for all six races).  Watch for additional information about the Casual Series in future e-mails.

Register NOW >

If you encounter any issues, please e-mail us at chicago.sail.racing@gmail.com.  We will get back to you as soon as we can.  The season will kick off on Saturday, May 27th, with Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club’s Spring Opener, with the Olympic Cup following on Sunday. 

We are looking forward to seeing you on the water often this year.

Ryan Smith