Since the Dec 2016 Survey of Racers and subsequent CASRA Town Hall Meeting, significant work has been underway by CASRA and the five founding member yacht clubs in Chicago.

The 2017 race schedule is a thorough coordination by all five clubs. There are no overlapping events that conflict with others among these five clubs. Boat owners, racers, and crew are now able to race any/all events in the Chicago area without having to prioritize one event over another due to scheduling.

The prior 'dry spell' of buoy racing, brought to CASRA's attention by one of Chicago's largest and competitive One Design fleets, has been eliminated. The 2017 schedule has been reconfigured to eliminate clumping of buoy racing and thereby also eliminating buoy racing dry spells of prior years. 

Addition of new distance races along the Chicago waterfront, and racing later in the season has been added per input from racers via the survey and at the town hall meeting.

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Ryan Smith